Our Services

Pawn Loans or Selling your Items.

Getting a loan with us is as easy as
1) Bring in an item of value as well as your government issued picture ID.
2) We take a moment to look over your item and give you a loan appraisal.
3) Get quick cash if you decide to take our offer!
4) You have 30 days to either retrieve your item for what you borrowed plus interest, or you may pay the interest and extend your loan for 30 more days.
You can also choose to sell your item(s) to us for quick cash!


Why Pay Retail?!

Sure you can purchase new jewelry, pay retail prices and probably get on a first name basis with that persistent sales person. Or, you could avoid the mall and pay much less than retail and avoid that overly friendly salesman. All of this and a gorgeous selection too! Plus we pay top dollar for your gold, silver and jewelry for pawn or purchase.

Pay Over Time With Our Layaway!

Can't afford what you want today? Take advantage of our layaway plan with only 20% down. Then make easy-to-afford payments over time and collect your items after they’re paid off. It’s a great way to get what you want without busting your budget.
That's all there is to it. So layaway today and get what you want at Gwinnett Place Pawn!!


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Email: info@gwinplace.com
Phone: 678-755-7645